Clark, Horgan, Weaver all say they're willing to work with other parties

Christy Clark campaigns in Vancouver the B.C. Liberals raised more money than some federal parties.- B.C. Broadcast Consortium

Christy Clark campaigns in Vancouver the B.C. Liberals raised more money than some federal parties.- B.C. Broadcast Consortium

The Green Party led in 3 districts, headed for potentially its best performance ever. The Green Party had 28.5% while the Liberals received 25.4%. The stunning outcome gave B.C. its first minority government in 65 years, with Weaver's party holding the balance of power.

Clark and Weaver do have a history of positive dialogue, so her unwillingness to publicly beg for Green support might trace back to those ties.

Weaver made it clear on election night that electoral reform is his starting bid. "British Columbians voted today for proportional representation".

"The No. 1 deal-breaker right now is banning big money in B.C. politics", he said.

In an unscripted moment, the NDP campaign bus hit a bump and got stuck leaving its back wheels spinning until a tow truck could pull it free. They voted for change.

Election night saw the Liberals' early lead diminish as John Horgan's NDP narrowed the gap by picking up new seats in Metro Vancouver, finishing with 41 seats compared to the Liberals' 43.

An erroneous story appeared on a TV station website that described Weaver as preferring to work with the B.C. Liberals.

Asked about the possibility of co-operating with the Greens, Horgan said he is interested in improving public health, education, child care and housing.

The Liberals could attempt to govern on their own, and negotiate on an issue-by-issue basis with opposition parties-including the Greens, who would hold the balance of power-or they could attempt to form a (possibly more stable) governing coalition that invites MLAs from another party-again, likely the Greens-into the provincial cabinet.

Several of them attracted Ms. Clark's support, including a proposal to ban mandatory high heels for restaurant servers and legislation that requires post-secondary institutions to write and maintain policies to prevent sexual violence on campus. Clark continues to push for liquefied natural gas development, which Weaver derides as a "pipe dream" where the global energy market has passed

I've advocated for this change for many years, as it was being grudgingly adopted by successive federal governments. "I'm just working hard to make sure British Columbian's know what I stand for, what I believe in and the choice, the really, really stark choice, in this election". It wasn't going to happen then, it's not going to happen now.

"Site C is being constructed for an industry that does not exist, the LNG industry, and so desperate are the BC Liberals to actually land LNG that they sign contracts to subsidize LNG ... to the tune of 6 cents a kilowatt hour", said Weaver. The B.C. Liberals are the party that approved the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which is set to start construction in the fall. All would be at risk in a minority government.

"There's going to be uncertainty for the next few weeks, but there's going to be uncertainty past that", he said.

Clark will get the first opportunity to work with Weaver.

At least one seat - Courtenay-Comox - is so close it is expected to go to a judicial recount.

"There are people out there who feel that smear and slur are the ways to win elections", Mr. Weaver said after voting in his Victoria-area riding Tuesday.

Almost 8,600 students at more than 50 local public schools, private schools and alternate education sites cast ballots and returned NDP candidates in all four ridings.

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