Trump shared secret info about IS with Russians

First Lady Melania Trump Hosts A Celebration Of Military Mothers Event

First Lady Melania Trump Hosts A Celebration Of Military Mothers Event

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Israel was the source of the sensitive information Trump shared, adding another layer of complication.

The system for how US secrets are classified and the rules for how they're handled derive from an executive order.

The New York Times and BuzzFeed News published similar reports later Monday. McMaster portrayed Trump as getting tough with Lavrov about Russia's "behavior", which had to change, and then pulling him back in with a reminder of how ISIS shot down Russian planes, as if this were the art of the foreign-policy deal. Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, on Facebook on Tuesday described the reports as "yet another fake".

Trump's "code-word information" disclosure risks damaging the relationship with the intelligence source, which has access to ISIS inner workings. That's the term used for intelligence classified at the highest possible level. And lawmakers have alleged that the sudden ouster was an attempt to stifle the bureau's investigation into Trump associates' ties to Russia's meddling in the campaign.

Democrats as well cautioned in broad terms that Trump's disclosures could also put US lives in danger.

It wasn't his strained defense of the "wholly appropriate" conversations between Russian officials and President Donald Trump, or even the fact that he, a general, was standing at the White House podium that rattled long-time fans.

"That is something that is up to the president", Spicer stated. Yet his decision to discuss an ally's information on the Islamic State with other countries could damage his standing with world leaders and lead some countries to start second-guessing their own intelligence-sharing agreements with the U.S.

When reporters pressed him on what it would take for congressional Republicans to pull their support from Trump, Blunt said he wouldn't answer such a hypothetical question.

The revelations drew strong condemnation from Democrats and a rare rebuke of Trump from some Republican lawmakers.

"But to further suggest that somehow because you get one piece of a puzzle, that you know what the entire puzzle looks like - even to suggest that that piece is accurate, which, in this case, you've heard our position on that - but this is clearly a pattern of people releasing sensitive information to further what appears to be someone's agenda", he said.

What did the Washington Post report?

On Monday he said, "At no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed". McMaster also dodged the question of whether Trump had mentioned the particular city from which the intelligence emerged-an element that would concern whether sources and methods were compromised-by saying that any reporter in the room could probably come up with a list of cities occupied by ISIS.

The information shared by Trump with the Russians was not collected by US intelligence. He said that as "an intelligence officer by training, I know firsthand the life and death implications of safeguarding classified information".

President Donald Trump listens as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

That meant there were suddenly more quips from Republicans on Capitol Hill about Trump than compliments. Susan Collins, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, will pass to the press corps is one of inconvenience: that the "distractions" or "drama" coming from the White House divert their and the public's attention from important health care and tax reform efforts.

Republican senators spent the early part of their day expressing views that ranged from disbelief to annoyance, not exclusively because of the issue itself and the national security implications, but because they were simply out of the loop, which several made clear.

"It's always a hard job, but there's no question in my mind the president has made it harder for his immediate staff, which is there to support him", said Ari Fleischer, press secretary to Republican President George W. Bush. "And the president is truly creating chaos", said Sen. He did not deny discussing classified information.

Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain said late Tuesday that the developments had reached "a point where it's of Watergate size and scale". Tammy Duckworth, D-Illinois, said.

The Obama officials said the Trump national security transition team did not follow protocol.

Now, less than three months in the post, McMaster has become the day's de facto White House spokesman.

Chrystia Freeland and Harjit Sajjan dined with their US counterparts for foreign affairs and defence - Rex Tillerson and James Mattis.

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