WannaCry Ransomware: Microsoft Calls Out NSA For 'Stockpiling' Vulnerabilities

Massive ransomware attack hits 74 countries

Massive ransomware attack hits 74 countries

WannaCrypt should be a wake-up call to the C-Suite that IT is not a black hole where the money goes to vanish.

That malware was behind the massive ransomware attack that started Friday, hitting more than 150 countries and 200,000 computers, shutting down hospitals, universities, warehouses and banks. Consider it an infosec masterclass. But a new version of the malware may already have been released, according to the head of the Europol, which helps the European Union fight crime and terrorism.

The NHS in the United Kingdom has become the poster-child victim of the cyberattack but, in truth, thousands of organisations were caught with their guard down.

So far, the culprits are unknown, as is the motivation.

While visualizations show that multiple Indian systems have been hit by the attack, only the Andhra Pradesh police has so far disclosed that some of its computers were hit.

Beware of unknown emails, especially if there are attachments or links. Once inside an organization's network, the malware behind the attack spread rapidly using this vulnerability.

"Or we could potentially see copycats mimic the delivery or exploit method they used", he said.

Oh, you will know.

After taking computers over, the virus displayed messages demanding a payment of $300 in virtual currency Bitcoin to unlock files and return them to the user.

Researchers will often tell you there's no ideal solution to a ransomware attack because there isn't any.

Nothing. Unless you have your files backed up, there is little you can do, except learn from the experience.

Installing Secure Email Gateway (SEG), to carry out URL filtering and make sure it's tuned correctly is also recommended along with patch endpoint, OSes and 3rd-party applications regularly.

In addition to Microsoft's Security Bulletin MS17-010 that patched the vulnerability in March, the company also issued a separate patch on Friday for users of older and unsupported operating systems such as Windows XP.

The hack wasn't just limited to computer systems in the UK.

The attack largely infected networks that used out-of-date software, such as Windows XP, which Microsoft no longer offers technical support for.

Yes, Microsoft has a point.

A hacker group - known as Shadow Brokers - obtained an arsenal of cyber warfare tools in April from the NSA, of which the USA agency called "Eternal Blue". "The first death directly attributable to a cyberattack suddenly seems possible", the Financial Times's Tim Bradshaw wrote Sunday. A decade ago, a virus weapon developed by the U.S. and Israel called Stuxnet went rogue and began attacking innocent utility companies.

Over the weekend new versions have emerged without the kill switch. Instead, some opportunist developers, who could be hackers themselves, spotted the leaks and added them to their own software and released them. The thawing may be partly credited to a 22-year-old researcher who found a "kill switch" that slows the spread of the virus by simply registering a website name, the Wall Street Journal reported. PwC warns that organisations should not block these domains and should ensure that their security providers do the same.

Attacks like the one now grabbing headlines throughout the world are minor compared to what security experts consider the biggest threat hackers pose to the U.S.: The ability to shut down massive parts of our nation's power grid.

"For Microsoft to say that governments should stop developing exploits to Microsoft products is naive", said Brian Lord, a managing director at PGI Cyber and former deputy director at the Government Communications Headquarters, one of the U.K.'s intelligence agencies.

The U.S. government clearly had its priorities wrong in not focusing on better protecting these cyberweapons, he said.

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    Governments to blame for cyberattack

    Governments to blame for cyberattack

    Well, you can still download the update and follow some basic safety measures to keep yourself away from such attacks. The spread of the virus slowed over the weekend but the respite might only be brief, experts have warned.

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