Germany Postpones Decision to Upgrade Turkey Tanks Amid Syria Operation

Leaders and fighters of the Kurdish People's Protection Units in northern Syria feel betrayed that US ally Turkey attacked them even after they fought in the US-led coalition to defeat the Islamic State group

Leaders and fighters of the Kurdish People's Protection Units in northern Syria feel betrayed that US ally Turkey attacked them even after they fought in the US-led coalition to defeat the Islamic State group

There are comical elements in the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.

Turkey has called the campaign Operation Olive Branch.

The Turkish military operations in Afrin came less than a week after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stressed the importance of Turkey's role in helping to stabilize the country.

Elizabeth Teoman, a research assistant on Turkey at the Institute for the Study of War, said an escalation in the Turkish-Kurdish conflict threatens us troops in both Syria and Turkey, where the Pentagon maintains two military bases.

A Turkish operation in Manbij would be fraught with risk due to the presence of the USA military personnel in and around the town.

Mr Erdogan then moved quickly to open a front in Afrin, which has no contiguous link to forces directly backed by Washington and has received no direct support, but which is within easy reach of the Turkish border.

When asked in Davos about the safe zone, Tillerson said "we discussed a number of possible options but we didn't propose anything".

The Syrian National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces (known as the Etilaf), composed mostly of liberal and Islamic conservative and fundamentalist groups and personalities, has not only supported the Turkish military intervention and continued its previous chauvinist policies against the Kurds in Syria, but it is also participating in this operation by calling on Syrian refugees in Turkey to join the Syrian armed opposition groups fighting in Afrin. In other words, Erdogan is once more being emboldened based on the current weakness of America and other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members - and the shortsighted view of the Russian Federation.

"That must be stopped immediately", he added, referring to the sale of weapons that might be used against pro-Kurdish forces in Syria. They were useful at the time, but it's more important to keep Turkey happy.

As for the Syrian Kurds, they are to be subjected to an entirely predictable betrayal, one in a long historical series of such tragedies engendered by naked imperialist carve-ups in the Middle East and the bankrupt attempts of the Kurdish bourgeois nationalist leaderships to hitch their wagons to one or another imperialist power.

Trump expressed "concern about the destructive and false anti-American rhetoric emanating from Turkey, and about United States citizens and local employees detained under the prolonged State of Emergency in Turkey".

But it would also confront the anti-Assad Syrian rebels with the predicament of governing a large Kurdish population.

"While recognizing Turkey's security needs, the president of the republic told his Turkish counterpart of his concern over the military intervention launched Saturday in the canton of Afrin", said the French presidential office. Officials in Washington are concerned that Turkey's military offensive will undermine global efforts to eradicate Islamic State (ISIS) and other Salafist-jihadist militants from northwestern Syria.

Why has Russian Federation given the green light for the Turkish invasion?

Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of the U.S. Central Command, and Brett McGurk, the White House envoy for the war against ISIL, have both visited eastern Syria separately in the past week, meeting with Kurdish officials to consult and assess stabilization efforts in the region. Turkey has just bought $2.5 billion of Russian arms so he has some reason to hope. Because the SDF are backed by U.S. Special Forces, the risk of a U.S.

The Syrian Kurds are also lying.

Washington:The Turkish military has claimed that at least 260 Kurdish forces and Daesh terrorists have been killed since Ankara launched its offensive into northern Syria four days ago.

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