The White House's Welcome Proposal on Immigration

A man with a plan

A man with a plan

On Friday many "Dreamers", or undocumented immigrants brought to the US illegally as children, were hopeful they'll be able to stay.

Civil rights groups respond to White House's racist and xenophobic immigration framework. Trump tweeted. Critics said the Trump framework was not helpful to the bipartisan Senate negotiations on an immigration deal. "I don't know what chain migration is; they make it sound like people are going to bring their cousins but since the 20s we've had family reunification for people that come here", said Hastings. "If the president has some ideas he'd like to share, of course we'll take a look at them".

However, some conservatives were angered by the sweeping offer to Dreamers, which they say constitutes an amnesty that rewards law-breakers and sets a bad precedent for other undocumented immigrants. "And I happen to think they're largely right", said Trump.

Several Democrats and immigration activists rejected the plan outright. The most loyal media outlet for the president, Breitbart News, called him "Don Amnesty".

In what the White House framed as a "dramatic concession" and "compromise", Trump would accept a path to citizenship not just for the roughly 700,000 undocumented immigrants were covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program when it was ended. In turn, the administration asked for $25 billion for border security and immigration enforcement, an end to the diversity or lottery visa program, and severely curtailing family visas. NumbersUSA President Roy Beck says his group has "no choice" but to oppose any bill that mirrors the White House plan.

"Being able to live in this country means everything to me because I came at a young age so this is the only country that I know", said Danyel Daniele, who was brought to the US illegally from Venezuela when he was 3. They want to limit family considerations when visas are awarded to just parents and children who are minors, and they also want to completely end the visa lottery system. It's the plan's potential impact on legal immigration that sparked fierce Democratic opposition on Friday and appeared to sink chances for a bipartisan deal in Congress.

Though Democratic leaders have grudgingly offered wall funding, they have accused the president of leveraging the dreamers as "ransom" to severely constrict legal immigration, calling it a wish list for "anti-immigration hard-liners" and "white supremacists".

"We're basically signaling that this is the bill the president can sign", one senior official said during the briefing. Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell promised to bring a vote on DACA by February 8th.

The Trump administration waded into the fray on Thursday, releasing the outlines of an immigration proposal that it cast as a centrist compromise that could win enough support to pass the U.S. Senate.

But the McClatchy report would seem to show a shifting of sorts in the White House view of the Dreamers program. The nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute estimated that the proposal could annually drop the number of green cards by at least 288,000 - 36 percent of the total number a year ago.

Sen. James Lankford, an Oklahoma City Republican, has been involved in some immigration talks with the White House and was quick to endorse the president's framework in a statement Thursday night.

WASHINGTON-The top organization for the "Dreamers" - the undocumented people brought to the US when they were kids - slammed GOP President Donald Trump's "Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security" as a "white supremacist ransom note".

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