Trump's Bizarre Decision to Increase the Number of Undocumented Immigrants

US ends special protection for Salvadoran immigrants

US ends special protection for Salvadoran immigrants

The Trump administration is phasing out the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that granted temporary work permits for qualifying young immigrants who came to the children.

Millions of Salvadorans rely on remittances from the United States; previous year some $4.5 billion was sent home.

Losing this status means Pineda's mother and as many as 6,000 others from MA will be required to return to El Salvador in 18 months or risk deportation. The government said Monday that conditions that led to the designation no longer exist. The largest group of people covered under TPS, Salvadorans in the United States are also parents to 192,000 children who are citizens.

Remittances from Salvadoran citizens overseas, most in the US, account for about 17% of El Salvador's economy; removing that will further destabilize an already shaky economy and government. Teleperformance has worked with Apple Inc, and said on its website that its El Salvador location serves seven worldwide clients, mainly from the United States.

"It's very problematic for a lot of us because a lot of our folks are either forced to go into hiding or make decisions on taking or separating families", said Eliazar Posada with El Centro Hispano.

Instead, the USA should encourage refugees to apply for lawful permanent resident status after a period of years and, eventually, for citizenship. And they will see through his promise to restore the "rule of law" in immigration through proposals that illegalize the status of people from countries he reviles.

Donald Trump sits at a desk next to Kirstjen Nielsen
Trump's Bizarre Decision to Increase the Number of Undocumented Immigrants

Kagan said there is a laundry list of possible immigration statuses for people to pursue, but that it's likely that most people who are on TPS now will become deportable.

Trump "is taking almost 200,000 law-abiding American immigrants and turning them from legal workers into targets for deportation", said Durazo, whose union includes thousands of TPS card-holders. His never-ending pronouncements on television have rarely if ever troubled me, and I have occasionally even found them amusing. They need help. But over time their hard work repays that American generosity. Recently, the administration announced around 200,000 people from El Salvador living in the US after two earthquakes shattered lives would no longer receive this protection. The government has sought to calm the public and cast the eighteen-month extension as a qualified achievement, while the U.S. embassy hands out pamphlets on moving to El Salvador for the newly deported. Imagine being a mother in Haiti after the quake of 2010, squatting amid the wreckage of your home, watching your baby starve to death, knowing that the only way to improve her situation even marginally would be to sell yourself into sexual slavery for the enjoyment of men in a country with among the world's highest incidence of HIV.

"After two decades here, I basically will be a stranger in my own country", she says. He said he wants Congress and his employer, MGM Resorts International, to support residency for immigrants like him.

Advocates with MIRA are urging the MA delegation to support and pass legislation in Congress to enable TPS holders to apply for permanent residency.

Back then, I got to know Salvadoran refugees living in the NY suburbs, perhaps three dozen in a single suburban raised ranch, their privacy provided by sheets strung across rooms between their beds. For one, Abbot says, many people are unaware that TPS is a legal status, not a contributor to illegal immigration. "This program was a really bad idea from the start and is completely unrealistic in thinking that, once here, they would be willing to return to their home countries where conditions may have improved but are still nowhere near the living conditions here in the United States", Coffman said.

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