Lawmaker lays blame for "chaos" squarely on state Senate

Parry Casto a fifth-grade teacher at the Explorer

Parry Casto a fifth-grade teacher at the Explorer

Salfia said teachers will settle for nothing short of a legislative guarantee for the raise.

Lita Blanc, president of the United Educators of San Francisco, started a GoFundMe page on March 4 to raise money to feed the protesters at the West Virginia state capitol building. The average elementary school teacher makes $41,150 and high school teachers can make $42,460. "The women standing on the front lines of this movement right now are the granddaughters and the daughters of coal miners and they have watched their fathers and their grandfathers stand up for workers' rights". In many states, after adjusting for inflation, teacher salaries have been falling. Teachers are exhausted of not having the supports and funding so they can do their jobs adequately in the classroom.

In a state with a 17.9 percent poverty rate, teachers, bus drivers and other volunteers are collecting food for students who rely on free breakfasts and lunches. "They're trying to draw divisions between teachers and service personnel and troopers and other state employees". But they say they believe they've come too far to back down.

Education agencies across Oklahoma have also shown their support of teachers.

Henry, who just had a baby, has resorted to taking her daughter to the local YMCA and the library to make up for missed instruction time, as well as working with her on math and reading packets.

"We're all caught up in our egos", said Democratic Sen.

The strike, now in its eighth school day, has idled more than 277,000 students as educators pressed for higher salaries in a state where their pay is near the bottom of the scale for US teachers.

"What people have got to understand is that this is not something that has happened overnight", he said Friday. Opposing the suggestion of their union leader to return to work, teachers chose to continue their strike.

Shawna Mott-Wright, vice president of the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association, told KTUL at the time that teachers told her they were leaving because of the vote. "As frustrated as teachers are right now, I don't know the answer to that question", Thomas said.

"I don't care about party politics on either side". We made it in good faith.

"These are deep cuts", Blair said.

Priest said businesses should "pay their fair share".

"Our Legislature wants to punish us yet again by raising our premiums, co-payments and deductibles", said Amy Neal, president of the Cabell County American Federation of Teachers, before issuing a warning that, months later, still explains a lot: "You've woke a sleeping giant and that giant is mad".

The Republican majority in the state Senate did not want to use any of that revenue toward the raises - and it appears they still won't. However, Blair said there would be "deep cuts" to the budget.

Petra Vasale isn't a science teacher, but she had five children making slime in her house on Monday - a makeshift science experiment aimed at getting them to think and keeping them entertained on the eighth day of a statewide strike by teachers who are calling for a pay raise. Any left-over funds will be donated to the three unions on strike: West Virginia Education Association, AFT- West Virginia and the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association.

The state Senate approved a bill Saturday night to decrease proposed pay raises from 5% to 4% - a move which infuriated the teachers. "It gives them the thought that it's something they can do as well and that strengthens their position and resolve".

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