National attention focused on Texas primary election

Voting sign posted in Travis County

Voting sign posted in Travis County

To elections officials, however, it doesn't matter how many voters head to the polls Tuesday. Some voters do too.

Her group is hoping that engagement filters to governor and legislative races, particularly in the state Senate where Democrats need five seats to take control of the chamber in the statehouse. And candidates like former Gov. John Connally and former U.S. Sen. The worst-case scenario for Democrats is that two Republican candidates qualify for a runoff, shutting them out completely.

Cal Jillson, a political analyst at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, said that although O'Rourke is a long shot to beat Cruz, Democrats are poised to narrow the electoral gap in Texas.

Coming off of a highly contested presidential election and with various high-profile statewide and congressional elections on the ballot, over 650,000 Texans voted early in the state's ten counties with the highest number of registered voters.

Primary Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6, and voters' choices will have a huge impact on the future of cannabis policy in Texas.

These numbers are reflected in statewide turnout as well. By only recognizing democrats and republicans in elections, we undermine a majority of our population, and quite frankly, our democracy.

Teneshia Hudspeth with the elections division of the Harris County clerk's office said Tuesday that a last-minute change in staffing led to a delay in opening a Katy polling site. We saw this in 2016 when Hillary Clinton touted the early voting results to show an advantage over Donald Trump headed into the November general election.

Kopser's willingness to compromise with Republicans on issues like border security funding and a clean DREAM Act has made him a frequent target for Crowe and McFadden, who've labeled him as an "establishment candidate" and "Republican-lite".

Top Republicans in Washington are privately sending this message to a GOP congressman once viewed as a top recruit in North Dakota: Don't run against Sen. "My philosophy is simple: put together smart legislation, do it in a bipartisan way and actually solve the problem", he says. There are several Latinos in the race.

"People are not just voting for people because they are Democrats", Turner adds.

Texas is the largest red state in the nation.

Hard as it might be to have so much competition, the many Latino contenders could help draw out more Latino voters for the primaries. "In the general, I think it will be used by Democrats to mobilize".

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Gov. Greg Abbott, both Republicans, are up for re-election and facing primary challengers.

The Democratic divide: This primary race captures the party clash between progressives and moderates, with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) taking the rare step of openly opposing the journalist and progressive candidate Laura Moser. Many of those seats in Dallas County typically are held by Democrats.

Republican U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith did not seek renomination to his District 21 U.S. House seat. "I think it's important since numerous issues you discuss in this county don't have anything to do with party affiliation", said Ramsey. She partly staked her candidacy on TV ads that told voters there was little daylight between her and the president, who remains popular among GOP voters despite his rough edges and low approval ratings nationwide. But anything is possible in politics, and that's why we'll be paying special attention to today's primary election.

President Trump under-performed past GOP presidential nominees in the state, carrying it in 2016 by only single digits, and a Gallup poll released at the end of January showed that the president's approval rating in Texas had dropped below 40 percent. "Tarrant County is one of the biggest Republican-leaning counties in the country". And Noorani says a save could be a boon for lawmakers on the right heading into November. Comparable to the 33,125 Republicans who went to the polls early.

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