Trudeau Budget Offers More Money To Process Illegal Refugees

Canadian Press  Justin Tange                       Minister of Finance Bill Morneau participates in a post-budget discussion at the Economic Club of Canada in Ottawa

Canadian Press Justin Tange Minister of Finance Bill Morneau participates in a post-budget discussion at the Economic Club of Canada in Ottawa

Regarding affordable housing, Morneau said the government is working on innovative solutions, like the Rental Construction Financing Initiative that will build 14,000 new rental units across the country. This time around, groups in the university and research sector are calling the budget a "historic" reinvestment in Canadian science.

But due to the new investments, the government will continue posting annual deficits at roughly the same pace.

Overall, the finance minister provides an unflinching and thorough statement of the current role of women in Canada's notionally advanced, market-based economy.

Anita Huberman, CEO Surrey Board of Trade, said the federal budget contains no strategy for dealing with the USA, which is not only drastically cutting taxes but also threatening the North American Free Trade Agreement with revision or abandonment.

It is not, however, expected to mean more money for child care, which was in the budget previous year but proved insufficient for many stakeholders.

"Their priorities are on spending programs as opposed to programs that encourage growth".

The budget appears to be putting money towards long-term economic growth strategies, such as boosting support and prospects for women and indigenous people.

The government is projecting deficits roughly in line with its October projections. Last fall, an analysis by the parliamentary budget officer estimated it could cost $19 billion a year.

Trudeau and Morneau are, it seems, making the right friends and enemies with their 2018 budget. The budget predicts the ratio to decline each year over the outlook. All you have to do is look back on that now infamous broken promise to balance the budget by 2019-20. There are concerns over Ottawa's deficit plan at a time of economic expansion and warnings it could find itself far deeper down the deficit hole in the event of a recession. Morneau mentioned that the "fiscal envelope" is strong enough to allow Canada to respond to what's happening in the U.S.

Morneau told the House of Commons that he is not prepared to offer any significant personal or corporate income tax cuts - like the ones introduced by President Donald Trump - "just yet". 94 per cent said it would be harder to keep savings in case of downturn or to grow the business. While women account for almost half of the Canadian workforce, they only represent only a third of senior managers and one in 20 CEOs. He took a broader swipe at the NDP and Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre, saying if they made policy "we would have no expertise at all".

The budget will start laying the foundation for proactive equal pay in Canada by accounting for the cost of pay equity in the federal public service and in federally regulated workplaces, said one government official familiar with the plan who spoke on condition of anonymity. "I'm anxious that the balance between operating, salary, infrastructure, and indirect [costs] may not be quite there yet", she said. The Liberals also included a "gender results framework", which is meant to help them assess the impact this and future budgets will have on the greater goal of improving equality.

"The evidence is very clear that the most effective way to remove barriers to women's participation in the workforce is with a universal child care system", said Yussuff. Budget 2018 calls for yet another deficit of $18 billion this year. This should help to destroy a legacy model in which the mother automatically take most of the responsibility for raising children and, consequently, refuse the opportunity of earnings.

He added: "That's why we've given the Canada Revenue Agency $1 billion in our first budgets to crack down on tax cheats and offshore tax havens". "It really shows the government spent the a year ago listening to the community", she says.

Continuing a bid to diversify Canadian trade beyond the United States, the budget earmarked C$75 million over five years to boost diplomatic and trade presence in China and Asia, though recent high-profile trips to China and India have garnered more negative headlines than positive ones.

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